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Copper Hospital Beds Harbor 95% fewer Bacteria than Conventional (Plastic) ICU Beds.    Abstract.        Full report, Contact:

Overview.   Nearly 2-year clinical trial underscores copper's adjunct cleaning abilities to keep hospital beds >90% cleaner than traditional plastic bed and maintain bio load below the accepted level of transmission risk for the length of patient stay.

Findings.    Chart 1:  Despite daily cleaning of the beds, 90% of the plastic rails were contaminated at quantities greater than the recommended risk levels associated with transmission. All plastic bed surfaces (e.g. tops of rails, near-patient surfaces of siderails and footboards, and bed controls) were at risk.   After discharge (terminal) cleaning (and before new patients were admitted), the copper bed surfaces were >90% cleaner than the comparative plastic surfaces.
Chart 2:  After 23 months in the ICU, with the bed rails subject to both daily and terminal cleaning chemicals (including quaternary ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and bleach), neither the integrity nor aesthetics of the copper alloys were affected by tarnish or discoloration.



Top Infection Control Innovations of the Year.  Bed Techs Antimicrobial Beds.  The hospital bed surfaces kill bacteria that cause hospital infections.

Healthcare Design Showcase:  Bed Techs Self-Disinfecting Acute-care hospital beds incorporate EPA-registed antimicrobial LCT copper coatings and Mr. Label foils to minimize the risk of infection. The copper-nickel alloys kill greater than 99% of bacteria even after repeated contamination


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