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State-of-the-Art Technical Capabilities

Older Hill-Rom® hospital beds and other medical equipment require significant electrical expertise. As these products pass their intended life, Hill-Rom® discontinues the sale of new circuit boards. Owners of models 720, 820, 835, 840/8400, 850/8500, 892, and 1100/2000 Advance series beds are forced to repair old circuit boards, with little expertise. And if the OEM does repair the board, more often than not, only the defective part is replaced leaving the customer a product with mostly all parts in excess of twenty years old. At Bed Techs we make it a priority to ensure that all used circuit boards function exactly as they did when the beds were originally produced, often replacing the entire board with new parts. Bed Techs can do it because many of these same boards were originally designed by the engineers now working at Bed Techs.

Bed Techs electronics facility and personnel are equipped to repair, and restore to OEM specifications the complex electronics in the Hill-Rom® circuit boards and other medical products.

Industry leading technical support, training availability, refurbishing to the highest standards, current upgrades, and complete test & safety checks.

Bed Techs is the global leader in the refurbishing medical equipment business!

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