Bed Techs Offers a Range of Antimicrobial  Products with Ever-CleanTM Surfaces ...

...Including acute-care hospital beds, over-bed tables, labels, pendants and nurse-call controls, IV computer mice, toilet seats, sink faucet handles and more.

 Acute-Care Beds
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Examples of BT Antimicrobial Copper Beds LMC S3jpeg
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Examples of BT Antimicrobial Copper Beds LMC Examples copy.001
Over-bed Tables
  • Stryker overbed table
  • LCT Over Bed Tables at BCCW copy

Antimicrobial Copper Labels (Mr. Label)

  • Total Care CRT Labels
  • PC060750a copy
  • label1
  • label8 pendant
  • PC050698 copy 2
  • Stryker In Touch Labels
  • IMG_3926
  • IMG_3766
  • InTouch Copper Brake copy3
  • IMG_3700
  • IMG_3696
  • Picture5
Antimicrobial Copper Bathroom Products

  • toilet seats IMG_3754
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