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BT AMT CAN Encapsulate ALL High
Touch Surfaces Surrounding Patient!



Bed Techs Antimicrobial Technologies ("BT AMT")

Bed Techs offers a range of services to help your facility deploy
Antimicrobial Copper Technologies (AMT), and make it easy to:

Test the Antimicrobial Technology.  Bed Techs can provide test beds and test kits and offers you the opportunity for your facility to join in a Clinical Evaluation Program.

Apply Antimicrobial Technologies to existing beds.  Take advantage of Bed Techs’ exchange program to replace the bed rails and head- and foot- boards with upgraded Antimicrobial Copper in a convenient time frame.

Restore and Refurbish existing beds.  In addition to an antimicrobial copper upgrade, Bed Techs can provide ‘loaner’ beds while we restore your beds at our facility.

  • All electronic and mechanical work is fully tested & guaranteed!
  • Bed Techs offers installation, maintenance & service.
  • Financing options are available for All Antimicrobial Copper beds and components.
  • Antimicrobial Technologies are expandable to other high-risk touch surfaces.

Let Bed Techs deploy AMT on any high-risk touch surfaces in your facility!

Antimicrobial Encapsulation is the goal!

All surfaces of a bed’s rails, head- and foot- boards have proven to harbor high concentrations of bacteria — even soon after terminal cleaning. 100% encapsulation of a near-patient touch surfaces is the goal at Bed Techs Antimicrobial Solutions.  

However, each healthcare facility has the ability to select which of these surfaces they would like protected through our highly customized approach. 

BT AMT Offers Many Design Benefits: 

  • No changes in form, fit or function that could affect bed rail articulation.
  • Negligible added weight.
  • Total Encapsulation vs. ‘protecting’ only a small portion of rail surfaces.
  • Antimicrobial Technologies are easily cleaned, durability and tarnish resistance.
  • Technology suitable for all bed makes and models.
  • Antimicrobial Technologies are affordable & attractive!

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