Bed Techs Refurbished Reconditioned Used Hill Rom Stryker Replacement Hospital Bed Parts

  • Specialize in certified used, refurbished, & reconditioned Hill-Rom® beds

  • Affinity, Century, Centra, Advance, TotalCare, Versacare and Advanta

  • Save 20% to 50% over new

  • Supply over 3,000 hospital bed parts and medical equipment
  • Customized electronic services


Your Capital Goes Further with Bed Techs!


Bed Techs, Inc. is a leading global supplier and the largest producer of used, refurbished, and reconditioned Hill-Rom® hospital beds, stretchers, medical equipment, and replacement bed parts for hospitals.  Bed Techs' comprehensive line of products is used by health care providers around the world in acute care, long-term care, academic institutions, and in home-care settings. Best of all, Bed Techs' customers save 20% to 50%!

Led by a management team with over 200 years combined Hill-Rom® technical expertise, and staffed with generations of highly skilled craftsmen, Bed Techs is redefining the meaning of "reconditioned," "refurbished," and "used."  Bed Techs licenses over a dozen patents, which were originally developed by Bed Techs' technicians. And Bed Techs' electronics division (former EMS company) gives Bed Techs the unique ability to support increasing advances in areas such as the “nurse call” segment for all hospital beds, which provide state-of-the art electronics.

Bed Techs supplies Total Care and Versa Care Hill-Rom® hospital bed lines and parts currently in production, along with the GPS and Transtar stretcher products.  Bed Techs also services the Advance, Affinity, Critical Care, 1060, 850, 840, 835, 820, 720, 420 series of Hill-Rom® hospital beds, including over-bed tables and other medical equipment..

We are pleased to announce that Bed Techs, Inc. is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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