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Hill-Rom® Total Care

With more than 40 million patient days, TotalCare is the most proven critical care Hill-Rom® hospital bed you can own. It effectively helps you treat conditions related to immobility.

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Hill-Rom® VersaCare

The VersaCare is designed to help you manage your transitional care and step-down patients. Helping reduce falls for more active, mobile patients. And transporting patients is very easy with VersaCare.  This is one of the most versatile Hill Rom Hospital Beds on the market.

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Hill-Rom® Advanta

The Hill-Rom® Bed Avanta is designed to help caregivers provide more care with a lot less effort. And it was built to ensure safety every step of the way. The features safety entry and exit, alerts to help prevent patient falls, and more convenience for patients.

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Hill-Rom® Advance Series

The Hill-Rom® Advance Series hospital bed is packed full of high-tech features but won't break your budget. The bed is a great choice for teaching facilities or even home care patients who need a bed with many features.

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Hill-Rom® Hybrid

The Hybrid is like the Advance series, except that it does not include air and scale as options.

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Hill-Rom® Centra Series 850/852

The Hill-Rom® Centra hospital bed is a great choice for home use and in clinical settings as well. It's also very popular with teaching facilities.

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Hill-Rom® Century Plus P1400

The Hill-Rom® Century Plus P1400 is a great choice for home use and in clinical settings as well. It's also very popular with teaching facilities.

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Hill-Rom® Affinity II & III Birthing Beds

The Hill-Rom® Affinity birthing hospital bed was designed in conjunction with nurses and physicians to perform from labor through postpartum.

(Now offering Affinity 4's - Call for info)

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Hill-Rom® Century Critical Care 892/894/896

The Hill-Rom® Century CC hospital bed is the perfect choice for teaching facilities. It's also an excellent choice if you need a home hospital bed complete with features you just can't get with other home care beds.

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Hill-Rom® Transtar Stretchers

Designed with caregivers and patients in mind, the Hill-Rom® Transtar Hosital stretcher is perfect for transport throughout your facility.

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Hill-Rom® GPS 880 Series Stretchers

The Hill-Rom® GPS General Procedure Stretcher is ideal for transport, recovery and minor procedures.

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