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How Does Copper Interact with Staph aureus? Jeff Boyd, PhD, assistant professor of Biochemistry and Microbiology at Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Copper is the New Gold Standard For Saving Lives.  Forbes.   Robert J. Szczerba

Nova.   Metals, Treasures of the Earth.  Public Broadcasting System.   November, 2016.

Rapid MRSA Kill by Copper
 Southampton University demonstrates copper's rapid antimicrobial efficacy against MRSA. 8 mins..  Dr. William Keevil

Copper-Lined Surfaces Hope To Stem Infections Spread. American Council on Science and Health

Metal Versus Bacteria. Hank Green.  SciShow

Antimicrobial properties of copper    Copper Development.

The Most Effective Antimicrobial Touch Surface        Physicians from DoD Research

IDSA. Med Page Today.   

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