Hill-Rom® Versacare


  • "Brake not set" alarm
  • Frame and mattress integration for superior therapy/safety performance
  • FlexAfoot™ mechanism
  • Enhanced turn assist (on A.I.R. surfaces only)
  • Point of Care® controls - Large, easy-to-read design
  • Low position – surface edge to floor 18"with optional IntelliDrive® power transport 22"
  • Maintains low height when placed in chair
  • High position – surface center to floor 37"
  • Headboard/push handles maintain same height regardless of patient surface height

Our Process Includes

  • Professionally refurbished medical beds to manufacturer’s specifications
  • JCAHO required documentation
  • New paint & labels
  • Fully function tested
  • Reconditioned PC boards and side rail switches
  • Reconditioned side rails
  • Reconditioned head/foot boards
  • New led plus trend indicator
  • Fresh hydraulic fluid
  • Rebuilt casters with new components and wheels
  • Delivery/Installation performed by our technicians (Domestic only)
  • Quality & Price
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  • A wide variety of room accessories
  • IntelliDrive® power-assist transport system
  • Digital head of bed angle indicator
  • Advanced 3 mode bed exit
  • Service Contracts for preventative maintenance
  • 220-Volt transformers

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